At Spring Plow Technologies we're proud to have received a patent on our new Vibratory Plow Blade.   You won't find any other Vibratory Plow Blade like ours!  Are you tired of the time and effort spent loading and unloading material in the Vibratory Plow Blade.  Our patented Spring loaded J Bar "T"  Handle allows you to load and unload cable without those pesky nuts and bolts that vibrate and get lost.  This increases productivity and eliminates the need for wrenches and other tools such as wing nuts etc.   This also eliminates the need of a separate cable guide device allowing material to be fed directly into the chute from larger spools of material thus eliminating kinked and severed wiring and cabling.  

We are a custom metal shop specializing in Vibratory Plow Blades and other Cable Trenching and burying tools.


We have stock blades that fit standard Case and Ditch Witch trenching machines.  However, we are also a custom shop, with the ability to customize any type of blade.   

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